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Lucas Cioffi
What are some of the best ways to enable self-organization by a group?
by Lucas Cioffi over 5 years ago. Reply filled 1 answer

OST: A User's Guide
Telling and being the truth is one of the best responsibilities of the facilitator because to the extent that judgement is present as the truth is told, it is a self-administered judgment manifesting itself in the eye of the beholder, and this is the most useful kind of judgement.
OST: A User's Guide
Intense and intentional meditation for several hours prior to the event is one of the best ways to prepare oneself to facilitate because meditation helps one achieve clarity of self and purpose.
OST: A User's Guide
When diversity of people and points of view is present is one of the best situations to apply open space because in the OS environment, people tend to be creative, synergistic, and self-motivated.
Lucas Cioffi
Framing the invitation for the Open Space around an urgent topic is one of the best ways to enable self-organization by a group because self-organization takes work, and people work to solve urgent problems that they care about.

Lucas Cioffi
A Test Article
by Lucas Cioffi over 5 years ago.
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