Become a Power User
1. Edit your profile.
Add a photo and a few sentences about yourself to your profile.
2. Connect with other members.
On the homepage of each circle, you'll find a list of all members, what they need and what they have to share. Click on their profile icon to contact them directly. Don't be shy!
3. Browse articles, conversations, & resources.
Across the top of each circle's homepage, you'll see all the tools such as articles, conversations, & resources.
4. Join a live event.
Unless a circle's administrator turns it off, you'll see a calendar of upcoming events on your circle's homepage.
5. Create something!
Add a resource; start a conversation; host a live event!

The power of Qiqo is that it helps members of a group organize from the bottom-up. Each member can share ideas and start conversations.
6. Start your own circle.
Do you belong to an organization that could benefit from Qiqo?

Create a circle for your team or organization here. Audio/video meetings are 1 cent/min per person. All other tools are free.
Questions Related to "zoom"
Do I have to use Zoom video for the live events?
You can connect by phone if you prefer. Go to the event's page and click "Participate". The dial-in phone number is listed at the top left where it says, "First time or need help?".
How do I join an event as audio participant only?
You can dial into a live audio/video meeting without downloading the Zoom tool for video meetings.
How do I switch between the QiqoChat event screen and Zoom?
Qiqo and Zoom are two separate programs so one may cover the other. You can shrink each so that they both fit on the screen. Or to switch between these two programs, cse ALT+Tab on your PC (CMD+Tab on your Mac). Alternatively, you can change the size of the Zoom and Qiqo windows so that they sit side-by-side on the screen.
Q Spacer       We believe that groups, organizations, and communities thrive when their members build relationships by sharing knowledge.

Lucas Cioffi is the founder of QiqoChat. He is an Iraq War veteran turned software developer. While serving for three years on the board of a national non-profit with 1700 members, he saw the potential for new tools to make sharing organizational knowledge more fun and efficient.

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