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Open Space Community

A global circle for Open Space facilitators, and anyone else interested in learning, sharing and growing the practice. An always-on, always-available, open space for you to use and share and grow. Be prepared to be surprised by what we can learn and accomplish here – like any other Open Space!

Parent Circle: Dialogue and Facilitation

Registration is STILL OPEN for the 24TH ANNUAL World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS)
November 9-12 in Manila, Philippines and Online Here at QiqoChat.

Already registered? Click here – and then the big RED "Participate Now" button on the next page...

Not yet registered?

Join or Sign In using the red button in the upper-right corner. Scroll in the right sidebar to see upcoming events and click into the WOSonOS event to register and pay. Membership in this Open Space Community Circle is still free, but the WOSonOS event does cost $10 to cover video costs.

Any member can use the Events panel (right sidebar) to join or create a video conversation or conference space. This quick blog post explains how to create a new session. All sessions will show up in the Events link above or in the right sidebar section of this circle homepage.

This Open Space Community Circle (OSCC) is made possible by QiqoChat.com, in partnership with OpenSpaceWorld.org the Open Space Institute US, and the participation of members like you!

Previously in the Open Space Community Circle...

VOSonOS - Virtual Open Space on Open Space, July, 2015. Proceedings include Invitation, Summary and all Notes captured. Download Proceedings

• OSonOSinOZ 2015 - an Open Space on Open Space in Melbourne, Australia and Online

• A Global Drop-in Birthday PARTY for Harrison Owen - December 2nd/3rd, 2015

What Else Might We Do Here?

1. Post an issue or opportunity to the OSLIST and invite people to join you here for a live conversation. Use the Session button below to schedule.
2. Convene an online stammtisch, an informal gathering that's usually in a local pub. Again, use the Sessions button to schedule and bring your own drink.
3. Organize a session for a meeting of the various Open Space Institutes, or perhaps the board of an Institute. Or in a big place like Australia might want to create a "sub-circle" as the home for an OSI-Oz.
4. What if OS teachers and coaches worldwide got together here? Seems ripe.
5. We could convene a regional OSonOS gathering, a smaller version of the VOSonOS we had this year.
6. Post stories and resources in the Articles section, in any language(s).
7. Explore the Conversations, Questions and More buttons below.
8. Add to your profile information and make connections in the skills map at the bottom of this page.
9. Click on someone's profile to contact them by email.
10. Create a group (sub-circle) to have regular working/learning conversations in any language you like.
11. Checkout the Butterfly Space (at the top right of any page), a very cool place to meet and hang out. Anything you can convene in a Session you could also do in the Cafe. Just send a quick note to the OSLIST and invite anyone who's available to come chat - for work or for fun.
12. If you do work here, consider taking some notes and posting them back to the OSLIST.
13. Check out the Community Newsletter function at the bottom of this page. Anyone can add to the weekly mailing. Adjust your Email Notification Settings via the link in the top-left corner of this page.
14. Think up more things to do here. And then try them out!
15. Learn. Work. Share. Play. Grow. Start!

Need Some Help?

Call 443-400-7476 or email us at michael@michaelherman.com or lucas@qiqochat.com with any questions or ideas about other things you'd like to create here together.

Let's have some fun!

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Upcoming Live Events
None yet.

Previous Events
The World Open Space on Open Space (WOSonOS) 2016
Wednesday, Nov 9 at 7:00p Eastern Time - Convert Time Zone

Example OST on QiqoChat
Wednesday, Aug 31 at 12:00p Eastern Time (30 minutes) - Convert Time Zone

Open Space Institute - Members and Beyond
Monday, Dec 21 at 5:30p Eastern Time (90 minutes) - Convert Time Zone

OS Hotline with Breakout Spaces
Tuesday, Dec 15 at 12:00p Eastern Time (60 minutes) - Convert Time Zone

OSonOSinOZ Online - 9:00AM-4:30PM Melbourne/December 10th
Wednesday, Dec 9 at 5:00p Eastern Time - Convert Time Zone

A Global Drop-in Birthday PARTY
Wednesday, Dec 2 at 9:00p Eastern Time - Convert Time Zone

WOSonOS 2015 Krakow Followup
Thursday, Oct 22 at 2:00p Eastern Time (120 minutes) - Convert Time Zone

Opening Space Just for OSList Lurkers #2
Monday, Sep 14 at 9:00a Eastern Time (60 minutes) - Convert Time Zone

Opening Space Just for OSList Lurkers!
Sunday, Sep 13 at 7:00p Eastern Time (60 minutes) - Convert Time Zone

OS Hotline Unleashed! Conflicts, Controversies, And Conundrums
Tuesday, Sep 1 at 12:00p Eastern Time (90 minutes) - Convert Time Zone

OS Hotline for May 12
Tuesday, May 12 at 12:00p Eastern Time - Convert Time Zone

OpenSpace Hotline
Tuesday, Jan 20 at 12:00p Eastern Time - Convert Time Zone


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